Run wITH uS ​IN 2024

5th Round ​

June 12, 2024 at 14:45​

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Sandholm Running Club

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Sports Running Concept

Sandholm Running Club is a club for both employees and asylum seekers. The club is established so that asylum seekers and employees can meet, not just to run, but also to share good energy. In Sandholm running Club, there is room for everyone who is interested in running and improving their fitness together with others.

Our mission is to give asylum seekers the opportunity to participate in the sport of running in pursuit of enjoyment, health and well-being.

Running equipment: participants can run in ordinary running clothes and with ordinary running shoes. The club will have a range of running equipment that participants can freely borrow.

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Sandholm Running Club

Center Sandholm, building 22

Sandholmgårdsvej 40

3460 Birkerød